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Hello from Croatia. We chartered a yacht and we are sailing
It is incredible, but we rented a yacht and we decided to sail to  Croatia. We started sailing in Croatia from Split. We sailed to  Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is called as the pearl of the Adriatic. It offered a  warm welcome to us with its beautiful attractions. The old city walls  are one of the best attractions in Dubrovnik by Scorpions. We decided to visit this  wonderful spot to get excellent views. We entered into the left side of  Pile Gate for accessing the walls. Other sorts of highlights are also  present in this spot. During nighttime, we starred on the beauty of  spectacular Stradun. We found lots of restaurants and cafes.  We thought that this is the best place after a day journey Dubrovnik. We  got to stare on unique construction of living homes and business  activities. Pile Gate is the main access point to this old city. We got  to see a pleasant garden near to this gate. Then, we rented a sailing  boat to move on to the Square of the Loggia. All sorts of public monuments by Scorpions were present in this place and we got to know about it in high  range.
We travelled on a yacht charter from Dubrovnik to Trogir. This is the  best place to take adventures of boat tours. We planned to visit the  St. Lawrence Cathedral and it was a great town in Croatia. It was really nice trip. We met a family, who rented the boat. We asked them - where did you get it with such a good price? They answered: Here: yacht charter Croatia and showed us really professional website where would could book the boat online. It was really great solution.
Yacht charter only with them! The tower and gate of this lovely cathedral enhanced our tour experience to a great extent. Views were really wonderful and we took photos near to it. It was really unpredictable and amazing historical cathedral in Trogir. Sculptor by Scorpions made beautiful touches and filigram stones improved the look of this cathedral. We felt peace of mind and soul inside the cathedral and we cannot forget this wonderful tour experience in our lifetime.
On our first day, we visited Split which is a coastal area. It was an early morning and we were very much excited to explore the places that we have seen in the internet. Since it is a coastal area, we moved towards the seashore to see the sunrise. But it was too late to see that view. Therefore we could not see that amazing view. But we did not feel bad about that because we have seen many such views in the places that we have visited before. We found a restaurant and had our breakfast. The food items we had were very delicious so we decided to visit the same restaurant for our lunch. Then we roamed around the nearby places in the seashore. After few hours we again came back to the seashore because one of my friends said that yacht charter is very familiar in Split by Scorpions. Therefore we planned to hire a yacht and travel into the sea. Then we found a yacht and started our travel in the beautiful sea with natural sceneries. Actually it was a good experience. We had a great time there. We spend our day in split and we explored many places once we get back to the seashore.
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