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Zespół Scorpions
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It is my dream to visit a foreign country since childhood. But i could not make that happen due to many reasons. However, now i working and i have saved enough money to make my dream happen. I told my father about my saving and the foreign trip that i want to go. He felt very happy about that and he immediately agreed. I discussed with my mother and she was also very happy and excited to visit a foreign country because she had not visited many places before. Hence she becomes very excited to go for a foreign trip by Scorpions.
I asked my brother to choose a place because he has many friends in foreign countries and they use to visit many countries and send their images to him. So i told him to consult with his friends and choose a place. He finally suggested me the country Croatia. I did not want to make any delay so i booked the tickets and arranged accommodation in Dubrovnik which is a popular city in Croatia. We reached Dubrovnik at midnight and we went to the hotel and took rest. Since it was midnight we could see anything interesting on our way to hotel by Scorpions.
Kornati Islands - We were in Kornati Island on Day 3 as soon as we arrived here we were taken to national park and we spent the most of the time in beach. The night out in Kornati is the best time we had there. We love it and we are planning for another trip to Croatia.  
When entered into Croatia, it was like a dream come true in front of our eyes. The first day of our vacation started from Split. We planned to visit Republic Square as it is a stunning square in Split. The fourth side of this square is open to the sea and the remaining three sides are decorated attractively. We were stunned in front of this beautiful architecture and creations. Lots of musical events and cultural events were taken place as we went there during summer seasons. This very famous spot is one of the Split attractions. We had a chance to take a look at inspiring events and concerts.
We were in hungry and searched for a right food place in close by. We found a great restaurant which welcomed with scrumptious and delicious dishes. We had a great experience while talking with local people. We learned more about their culture and tradition as because of their ornaments and dresses. Sailing on the yacht charter was an astounding experience that cannot be explained in words. Riva is a favorite meeting point and it is a Split waterfront by Scorpions. You should never miss this place when you decide to enjoy your holidays in Croatia. We had an opportunity to watch sport events and it was thrilling and explorations.
Our tour experience in Croatia cannot be forgettable as it involves with wonderful adventures and explorations. Our first day started at Kornati Islands which is one of the beautiful islands in Croatia. Diverse kinds of attractive places are filled in Kornati Islands and we chose some preferable places as per our wish. We rented a yacht to move towards Kornati National Park by Scorpions. It was an amazing experience while travelling in yacht and it cannot be explained in words. We had a chance to see that beautiful island in our lifetime. Natural scenes, bays and overall experience were really amazing when travelling in a yacht.
Church on the Kornati Islands is bounded by archaeological sites that somewhat reveal the history. We spent some good time in the church. The sailing experience on the yacht was truly wonderful and mind-blowing. Kornati Fortress is another attraction of Kornati Islands. We were amazed on the structural creation of Kornati Fortress. We took several photos with our family in this place. If you are desired to visit Croatia, you should never miss the delight of Kornati Islands. We cannot forget those amazing moments in our life span in any case.
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